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Writing up a storm

27th November 2015

Festive Friday goes down a treat across the country

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Something to write home about

27th November 2015

Black is back

27th November 2015

Beat the black

26th November 2015

Review doesn’t impress

26th November 2015

Alice is up to date

26th November 2015

Go giant this Christmas

26th November 2015

Finding the niche

Every event is an occasion for somebody and the greetings industry does its best to make sure there’s a card out there to cover them all – although even Clintons CEO Dominique Schurman found herself surprised that the UK has Prom cards when the US doesn’t!
The full Occasions Cards article in in the Nov/Dec issue of Greetings Today which can be read online. Here we expand on the publishers featured, covering Abacus, Allihopa, April Rose, Hallmark, Nigel Quiney, Pink Pig, Playful Indian, Portfolio, Roisin Cafferty, Rose Hill Designs, and Sabivo. The full feature starts on page 26 of the print issue and includes Always Sparkle, The Art File, Cherry Orchard, Cinnamon Aitch, Clare Maddicott, Davora, Ling Design, Talking Pictures, UK Greetings, Wendy Jones Blackett, and Words ’n’ Wishes.

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Mum's the word

SORRY dad, it looks like kids do have a favourite parent – daughters spend £7,100 on gifts for their mothers over a lifetime, more than double what they spend on their fathers. A new infographic commissioned by Quidco reveals the spending habits for children towards their parents and the results show that, as well as Mother’s Day being a significantly bigger celebration than Father’s Day, both sons and daughters favour mum over dad with gifts. The full Mother’s Day & Feminine-Themed Cards article is in the October issue of Greetings Today which can be read online. Here we expand on the publishers featured, covering Abacus, Allihopa, Bonnie Blackbird, Brainbox Candy, Cherry Orchard, Hallmark, Happy Nut, Hotchpotch Publishing, I Love Nice Cards, Laura Sherratt Designs, Ling Designs, Lorraine Stylianou, Miss Magpie Fashion Spy, Nigel Quiney, Peartree Heybridge, Talking Pictures and Sweet Design Studio. The full feature starts on page 24 of the print issue and includes Always Sparkle, Berni Parker, Blue Eyed Sun, Cinnamon Aitch, Jelly N Bean, Jonny Javelin, Mint, Pippi & Me, Pocket Typewriter, Portfolio Cards, Real & Exciting Designs, Redback Cards, Saffron, Wendy Jones-Blackett, and Word ’n’ Wishes.


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