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Rude card rant

18th December 2014

‘If the Mail don’t have a go at me at least once a year I get worried’ says Dean

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Picture this!

18th December 2014

Theo loves Gabrielle

18th December 2014

Docking a new commission

18th December 2014

Busy busy busy

17th December 2014

More power to the fair

17th December 2014

Showcasing Xmas for next year

17th December 2014

A helping hand

CHARITY cards are a simple but effective way to raise money for good causes and one that goes right across the spectrum of publishers and designers.
It’s one of those win-win situations where everyone benefits – it’s a good product, the suppliers, retailers and consumers can choose which charity they want to support, senders bask in the warm glow of knowing some of their hard-earned cash is helping others, the recipient appreciates the sentiments conveyed, and the coffers of a deserving cause are boosted.

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