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Men vs women: Card buying habits revealed

Women spend almost three times longer choosing a greetings card than men according to statistics from a leading retailer.

Greetings card specialist Scribbler found women spend an average of 912 seconds before purchasing a personalised card from their website compared to just 356 seconds for men.

The findings fall into line with the last Key Note report on the subject of Greeting cards in 2010, which showed that around 80 percent of card purchases are made by women.  It also showed that women were more likely than men to have sent cards of any sort, with the exception of Valentines Day cards and sometimes Mothers day cards.
According to Scribbler, women also plan ahead – buying their cards days and even weeks before they are needed while men typically leave a card purchase to the last minute with 83% of next day delivery orders on the website being made by male customers.

Scribbler, who have 23 stores across the UK, made the findings on customer behaviour after studying people’s buying habits in its recently revamped online store. The website provides personalised cards, many of a humorous adult nature.
Surprisingly men tend to buy more than one card for a loved one – particularly for Valentine’s Day, while women seem to be more decisive.
A spokesman for Scribbler said: “Men often buy two cards for a loved one, typically a risqué one and a safe choice. Then they make a last minute decision about which one to use.
“So if your boyfriend or husband presents you with a romantic greetings card the chances are he might have something a little more adult in a draw somewhere.”
The spokesman said the statistics revealed once and for all that women really do put more thought into choosing a card then men.
He said: “Men tend to leave it until the last minute and then panic buy, often spending more money. But women are much more considered card buyers.
“They will visit the site earlier, usually more than one week before the card is needed and they will spend three times longer browsing before making their choice.
“That considered approach definitely saves the ladies money. Men on the other hand wait until the last minute then end up buying two cards in a third of the time and paying extra for next day delivery.”

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