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UK’s Raj steps up to boost TOYW in the US with relaunched website


UK PUBLISHER Raj Arora has stepped up to help the US Greeting Card Association relaunch their Thinking Of You Week website.

Raj, who runs cards of culture specialists Davora, works on websites through his sister company Nettl of Stockport and, as a council member at the UK GCA had built their site so was the perfect link to assist our American cousins.
Inspired by the 2014 launch of TOYW in the UK, the US GCA took the event across the pond last year where many publishers and retailers took park and the US Postal Service endorsed it with a special postmark.
Spurred on by the initial success, they decided to relaunch the website for 2019, and Nicky Burton, executive member of the US GCA, said” “We started with a design competition inviting entrants to come up with new branding for the event. The winning design was created by Elizabeth Silver, a freelance artist from North Carolina.
“The next step was to find a website designer who understood the Thinking Of You Week concept and could translate that into a great website. We got in touch with Raj who had developed the UK’s Thinking Of You Week website.
“t became clear Raj had unique skills that perfectly matched our needs – as a member of the UK’s GCA, he understood the Thinking Of You Week idea, and through his web design business he knew how to put together a website. We’re really pleased with the outcome!”
The US website went live on April 4, and the key features are support and suggestions for publishers and retailers who want to get involved with TOYW, plus a toolkit with useful downloadable resources.
“The Inspiration Wall is one of my favourite pages,” Nicky added, “Thinking Of You Week can mean different things to different people, and the Inspiration Wall allows us to capture the diversity of sentiment it evokes. We love this page!”
Designed to help people harness the emotional power of sending greetings cards to create a wave of love, caring and happiness, Thinking Of You Week 2019 runs over September 23-29. The new website can be found at

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