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New Famous Faces from Takkoda

Humour publisher, Takkoda, has released six new designs in its Henries-winning Famous Faces range of celebrity animals.

The new designs focus on American icons and feature: Andy Warhol, The Blues Brothers, Austin Powers, Clint Eastwood, Wonder Woman and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

Looking forward, Kate Polybank and Clare Levi the duo behind Takkoda, are researching new subjects for the Famous Faces treatment, including Carmen Miranda and possibly Elizabeth Taylor. Takkoda's American distributor has also requested Obama, while the German counterpart has suggested the likes of Boris Becker, Marlene Dietrich, Karl Lagerfeld amongst other Teutonic icons.

For Takkoda, new designs are very labour-intensive with not only the right needing pet to be found, but the photography and subsequent Photoshopping being very time consuming.

"We can't release large numbers of the Famous Faces designs," says designer, Kate Polybank. "They take too long to produce, which is why we have diversified out of just cards and are now applying the imagery to a wide range of gift items.  That's why our business model is different to many publishers and why cards account for only half of our business."

The six new designs are available now.

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