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Every event is an occasion for somebody and the greetings industry does its best to make sure there’s a card out there to cover them all – although even Clintons CEO Dominique Schurman found herself surprised that the UK has Prom cards when the US doesn’t!
The full Occasions Cards article in in the Nov/Dec issue of Greetings Today which can be read online. Here we expand on the publishers featured, covering Abacus, Allihopa, April Rose, Hallmark, Nigel Quiney, Pink Pig, Playful Indian, Portfolio, Roisin Cafferty, Rose Hill Designs, and Sabivo. The full feature starts on page 26 of the print issue and includes Always Sparkle, The Art File, Cherry Orchard, Cinnamon Aitch, Clare Maddicott, Davora, Ling Design, Talking Pictures, UK Greetings, Wendy Jones Blackett, and Words ’n’ Wishes.


400 major and minor captions 

ABACUS offer in the region of 400 occasions cards, covering all the major and most of the minor captions.
The selection, which is made up of a variety of card sizes, price points and design styles, is regularly updated with new designs.
The most recent additions were part of their Winter Package, launched this autumn, which included With Sympathy, Get Well and Thinking Of You titles.
T: 01638 569050


Swedish sunshine

FRAGRANT, feminine and floral, the cheery new Hej Sunshine cheery collection will awaken the free spirit in everyone with its fresh, Swedish feel.
Digitally printed with a sophisticated colour palette on a textured card, the quirky style of the font and bold illustrations on the aesthetically-pleasing stock adds to the quality.
Each 150x150mm card is blank inside, supplied cello-wrapped with a kraft envelope and sold in multiples of six.
T: 01792 361251

Vintage influence proves popular

SIOBHAN Harrison is the creative force behind the April Rose brand and her Vintage Home range covers general birthday, Wedding, Mum, etc, suitable for a female send.
The hand-painted vintage-influenced watercolour floral artwork on these cards fit well with pretty gift ranges and has proved popular with boutique style shops..
Printed on a high quality watercolour-style board, the 150x150mm cards are cello-wrapped with a pink envelope.
T: 07957 738711

Giving customers maximum choice

HALLMARK launched 15 Counter Collections in September which include plans that have been grouped by occasion to contain SKUs from various ranges.
With prices from 90p to £3.99, this enables retailers to purchase a small plan dedicated to an occasion that contains a good variety to give customers maximum choice.
Collections include Engagement,
Confirmation, Communion,
Thank You Teacher, Back to School, Exam, Congratulations, Graduation, Thank You, Thinking Of You,
Money Wallets, Birthdays, Invitation Acceptance and Regret.
T: 0800 902 0900

Regular updates keep product fresh

THE occasions sector is an important part of Nigel Quiney’s product portfolio, with regular updates and additions to the range so they can keep our product fresh and up to date.
The latest release of 24 brand-new occasions has a selection of contemporary Pizazz titles and funky holographic male milestones.
They’ve also introduced the bright Marshmallow collection of quirky cute knitted characters for male and female juvenile ages one through to six, all finished with high-gloss UV varnish and encapsulated flitter – great value at a C50 size with a C40 price point.
T: 01799 520200

Hitting all the key ages

THERE are 22 designs in the new adult age range from Pink Pig Cards, including all the key ages – 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 – in both male and female designs.
Cards are all 150x150mm printed on heavy FSC accredited board and sold in packs of six (that can be mixed as three female with three male if required,
The Flowery Critters range has 50 fun animal-themed designs with 24 occasion/blank cards and 26 birthday.
T: 07583 088596

For an important day

ONE OF the most important days in a person’s life is their wedding day and Playful Indian have a unique wedding range to suit Asian marriages.
Simple, bright, yet elegant designs featuring henna patterns and wedding elements, you won’t find anything like this on the High Street just yet!
T: 07973 493579

Tactical use of glitter and foil

LAUNCHING internationally in January 2016, Sara Miller London is an enchanting new brand with a collection of designs which celebrate a love of print, pattern and colour.
Sara has more than 10 years’ experience across a broad range of sectors including greetings cards, fashion, print and homewares and, at.the end of last year, decided on the bold move of launching the brand to showcase her work which has always been influenced by her passion for travel and love for experiencing different cultures.
Jaz&Baz is a fun and fashionable range centring around fabulous fashionistas, combining strong black and white patterns offset by flashes of colour and complemented by a tactical use of sparkly glitter and shimmering gold foil.
Portfolio are delighted to be launching more than 40 165x165mm designs which will be available in December, including lots of occasions, ages and relations featuring lots of party outfits, high heels and champagne for a truly celebratory range.
T: 020 8960 3051

Colourful everyday sayings

ROISIN Cafferty recently launched her Just Saying range which features various occasions designs, including anniversary, wedding, new baby, new home, good luck, congratulations, goodbye, thank you and exam congrats.
These bright and colourful designs use everyday sayings such as Ta Muchly and Toodle Pip to convey each message in a simple yet fun way.
There are also many new occasions cards within Roisin's popular With Love range where the designs feature charming pencil illustrations printed on a sketchpad-like board and come with a fleck kraft envelope.
The quirky and lighthearted visual puns like 'Clever sausage' and 'Fan-tastic' are sure to put a smile on the recipient's face.
All cards are individually cello-wrapped and sold in sixes at 95p plus VATeach.

T: 07742 983044

Fashionistas and fancy weddings

Fashionistas and fancy weddings
THERE”S a brand new collection of occasions at Rose Hill Designs and you can join in and meet the gang.
There are two cool fashionistas with their new home in New York wearing Rose Hill Designs originals, and the new baby card comes in three colourways – red, blue, and yellow for if you’re not sure what they’ve had!
Rose said: “The wedding card was inspired by Eddie and my wedding from the outfits we wore on the day – Eddie's Savile Row suit and my original 1950s wedding dress – to the pose in front of the car to celebrate our four years married and whopping 16 years together this year.”
T: 07742 347603

Enjoy a bit of sparkle

FOR SABIVO Designs, their best-selling captions on the occasions front are new home and anniversary as people seem to move a lot and also to celebrate being together.
Birds also seem to be popular for them and they are now hand-finishing the cards with some lovely cup flower jewels, as customers seems to enjoy a bit of sparkle.
T: 0116 225 8255

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