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Luxurious, crafty – and hand-finished with flitter, ribbons and bows

BEAUTIFULLY-CRAFTED hand-finished cards not only look gorgeous, but they also convey a message of warmth and love. 

It would be lovely if we all had the time to make our cards for loved ones but with such busy modern lives it's not always possible - and, let's face it, some of us are all fingers and thumbs when it comes to those fiddly details that made these cards look so lovely.
Definitely worth the extra cost for such beautiful paper constructions, there are many publishers out there producing some great work.
In this month’s online feature Greetings Today highlights a few of the great publishers who fill this niche, including Hallmark, Carte Blanche, Simon Elvin, Cherry Picked For You, Talking Pictures, Paperlink, Design Hog, Laura Sherratt Designs, Riverside Cards and Sabivo.


HANDMADE cards have been at the heart of the Lello Design business since the company was founded in 1999. 
Lello, part of the Carte Blanche Group are launching a new range called Tea For Two, a pretty polka dot-inspired range of everyday and occasion handmade cards. 
Glitter words, bow and gem embellishments give a premium handmade country living look, and the quality pearlised envelope ensures the perfect finishing touch.
For Christmas 2013, a luxurious golden range of handmade cards with diamante cluster gems and large satin knot bows suggest an opulence reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour.
Karen Wilbourn, Head of Operations at Lello, said the company are never short of ideas for new cards – in fact it’s usually a case of: “Which range shall we launch next?”
“Inspiration comes from retail and fashion as well as unusual trims and finishes we notice when we’re out and about,” added Karen.
“We take each project one at a time and decide on the look, layout and treatment we are going to give it based on cost, trends and recent bestsellers.
“Much as we love the creative side of our work, we have to be careful to take a commercial view. Handmade and hand-finished cards are more expensive to manufacture than they were when we first started 15 years ago.
“The final product must retain its craft heritage and quality, but it must also be cost effective to compete in today’s market.”
01243 792600


THE latest autumn collection of Isabel’s Garden is being released by Simon Elvin in mid-October.
Comprising 36 new designs, the range covers birthdays, occasions and relations and features a host of finishes including foil, flitter, ribbons and jewels.
Isabel’s Garden has proved incredibly successful for more than 10 years now and has, once again, been nominated for a Henries Award.
Designs are all singly wrapped to protect the card and offer incredibly good value for money.
01628 526711


THERE’S a variety of card ranges with impressive, handmade elements at Hallmark, and next on the horizon is the launch of a complete refresh of their ever-popular Bellissima card range.
This beautiful range consists of 12 sophisticated designs which combine hand-crafted elements and delicately-worded editorial, offering broad appeal.
Complemented by pearl envelopes which highlight the range’s attention to detail, the Bellissima range is ideal for today’s modern, contemporary woman offering birthday sentiments.
Due to ship in December, the refreshed Bellissima range will be available from £2.99 RRP via stockist enquiries from this month
0800 902 0900


ONE of the UK’s best-known and loved publishers of handmade cards, Talking Pictures produce classics such as the award-winning Stardust range and the unmistakable More Than Words, all featuring beautifully-crafted tip-ons and eye-catching sequins and gems. 
They have recently released a brand-new handmade range called Vintage which again is a fabulously-crafted range featuring wonderful use of foil and gems.
0845 450 1815


BLOOMS and buntings, butterflies and bows, prezzies and puppies and pinks. Made With Love from Paperlink encompasses all things feminine and really does look, as its name suggests, as though it has actually been ”made with love”.
Its handcrafted collage feel could have been created at an old wooden table in a country kitchen using grandma’s buttons and ribbon, all finished off with adorably simple artwork in lovely pastel colours.
Lacie invites us into a fairytale with filigree laser-cut letters and scenarios. It’s as though, when we turn the page, we enter a whole new magical Once Upon a Time land of princes and princesses where rabbits frolic, birds sing, deer peacefully graze and wishes really do come true, so we'll all live happily ever after.
Patisserie has 13 designs which come with a kraft envelope and the price code II 60 for scrumptious gelato shades, so ice cream-like you can almost taste them.
There’s vintage imagery on linen-style board around a circular die-cut which has us gazing wistfully through, what feels like, a jewelled window, sipping tea from bone china accompanied by sugar pink, cream-filled macaroons. Everybody’s fantasy summer Sunday afternoon.
020 7582 8244


NINA Green is a very hands-on director as she spends hour upon hour up in her studio hand finishing Cherry Picked For You’s greeting cards.
“I just love it,” she said, “Radio 4 is on in the background and I flitter, stick sequins, gems, buttons and bows on our cards to make sure every one of them leaves us looking beautiful.
“The bows are also hand made by me using different coloured ribbons as I want them to be tiny – the ones you buy ready made are just too big. I source all the embellishments from the UK.
“Our most popular range, Fairy Friends, is printed on textured board to enhance their textile appearance. When we’re exhibiting at a trade fair retailers often come up to our hand-finished cards and feel them as they look like the original piece of textile work.”
There are 38 designs in this range plus fairy numbers one to nine and christmas designs.
01273 721353


DESIGN Hog have just launched their new Milestones range and increased the age offering right up to 100, taking in 65, 90 and 95 along the way.
Interestingly the bestseller so far is the 365 Days Older caption, but they’re all perfect for male or female and hand-finished with three diamantes on each of the dotty-patterned cards.
All the 150x150mm cards are printed on 300gsm board with a 120 white envelope and go for just £1.10 each to retail.
01234 364188


AT LAURA Sherratt Designs they’re proud to specialise in handmade cards, with a growing team of talented embellishers lovingly hand-finishing each and every card from their base in the Staffordshire Moorlands countryside, working both from home and from within their Barn Studio to decorate each design with a variety of pretty decorations.
Embellishments used on their designs include cute bows and buttons, sparkly gems, lace, rustic tags and anything else they can find to add a unique touch, making their cards really stand out on the store shelves.
Laura Sherratt Designs now offer a huge range of designs for many occasions, and they are very proud of the fact their cards are still handmade with love from the UK while offering excellent value for money.
01538 384566


SEVEN new Bella handmade designs have been released by Riverside Cards to complement the current range – and all are completely produced in the UK.
“That’s definitely not that common these days,” said MD Carl Birks, “and we’re proud to shout about it.”
Adding more female and general birthday, and occasions such as get well and wedding, Riverside are expanding their popular premium collection. The bright and clean designs are foiled with flittered attachments and new Bella seasonal ranges will be following shortly.
“Bella is one of the ranges we truly believe will help us crack into the independent sector. The UK handmade is a nice touch as well and the cards are even nicer in the flesh.”
01924 840500


PRESENTS is the latest release from Sabivo Design, 12 stunning elegant designs in their signature style, which combines contemporary feel with romantic elements.
Designer Sabina Kivacheva has encapsulated the scent of perfume bottles as a design feature, like roses, blooms and dragonflies – it almost evokes the feeling of smelling the card when receiving it.
She has given a modern take on the botanical trend as her style is crisp with clean lines, so the feel is very contemporary, a trend which sells well at the moment.
They also use simplified watercolour washes with a good dose of sparkle and pretty organza bows, so the cards have a very modern twist.
All designs are available for personalisation, a trend for personal sentiment and connection, which seems to be not stopping at the moment.
Like the existing ranges, each card is a hand-painted original so slight variations makes each greetings card unique.
All cards are further hand embellished with organza bows and jewels and so are guaranteed to delight every customer.
The greeting cards are exclusively British and very competitively priced £2.99 RRP. Sabivo Designs’ ranges are truly feminine and span relations, occasions, open birthday cards and seasonal.
The publisher personalises designs to accommodate growing customer demand for more intimate communication, which is also a great way to mark a special occasion
0116 225 8255

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